Tears for Saint Trouble

Monday, 4th July, 2011
I sit here and wonder..
Which picture of you should I paint?
The stubborn uncle
Who only wanted to watch that movie “The Saint”?
The funny friend
Who joked about losing his shadow?
Or the prodigal son
Whom only Elizabeth could handle?
You were and still remain
The strongest man I know,
This is why it’s so hard to believe
You’re not here anymore.
You were the Godfather,
My invincible Don Vito Corleone
How can I find “Justice”
in this world all on my own?
I look at the initials T.M
“Pephius and diamonds”
Ah, undoubtedly
You were really as precious as diamonds,
I can't even fully describe
Who or what you were,
My uncle, my father, my friend,
Now my angel watching over me from up there
Wish you could be here
To witness all the pinnacles I plan to reach
Wish you could be here
To give me the famous “Mbamba Speech”
Wish you never had to die,
St. Trouble,
It was you who was going to teach me how to be a “guy”
I knew you were loved
But I was naive as to how much,
At your funeral that's when I saw
just how many lives you touched
You teased, you laughed,
and you joked
It was the unsaid, the dreaded,
the unheard of that you always spoke.
You always told me
I was your boss,
How could I be?
When you were the one I respected the most.
St. Trouble,
Taken before your time,
It will be forever
Before you leave my mind..
(My Intellect is Loud And Noisy -MILAN)

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