I Refuse

Tuesday, 9th August, 2011
I refuse to limit myself,
To think beneath the blissful winds,
I was taught to listen beyond what the guy in the song sings,
Was taught to appreciate what he knows, regard what he thinks,
I was told to duck when the enemy swings, to fight back and win,
So I know I am blessed, in fact, too blessed to be stressed,
I know I have wings in the form of a brain that allows me to fly, try to figure out some things,
Like why do we have to buy engagement rings?
We paid Lobola,
Isn’t that enough proof that to us you’re the best?
Why panic, hurt, and stress?
Puking mistakes onto the floor making a mess,
Could it be why we find no sleep when we rest?
Why men think with what’s under our belts than what is under our chests,
Better still why not think with what’s beneath our brains,
It’s too much; betrayal only seems to come from my friends
I am sitting here imprisoned writing about everything arresting my soul,
All the darkness that enters behind me when I close the door,
Dr Martin Luther King said only when it is dark enough can you see the stars,
Does this then mean only when it’s bright do we see their scars?
Well, now we know why Zambian presidents cannot be seen behind prison bars,
Unless I am wrong for saying what I know, for saying what we feel,
I guess it’s so unfair to criticise us for telling you what we saw,
Our life is like fish, a bream, either sink or swim
So be focussed our cause is not hopeless, the thread is not slim
Even when chances do not necessarily come to your door and knock
Work hard every day because time will never stop ticking on your clock,
All that fear, uncertainty and doubts must be blocked,
All the enemies must be watched,
Happiness in this third world country poverty is priceless
So like a fang sharpen your desire for success,
Persistence is to character as carbon is to steel,
I am poor, but between you and me, I’d give a lot for money, but for love I would kill,
Strong, but would lose all might and will, because sitting among kings has its thrill,
My friends I am alive,
Like KK when that bullet grazed his head, I refuse to die, refuse to be dead,
Like Mandela not even 27 years in a cell will stop me from trying to survive
I refuse to give up my seat like Rosa Parks in 1955,
I refuse any body trying to steal gas from this political car I drive,
I refuse, I refuse, with all my heart I refuse to die a failure
And neither should you!
(My Intellect is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

One thought on “I Refuse

  1. This is from my “Poetry of A third World Country” collection. It’s about refusing to give up amidst the challenges and problems you face in your quest to success. It tells of how nothing can stop you from reaching where you want to be apart from that sceptical person in the mirror.

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