Saturday, 19th JUNE, 2010

It was before I met them, when I used to cry to a song,
I thought there was only one man for me,
I was naive, for after the voyage, I found out I’d been wrong.
Along the Cairo road I met a man, elegant, dashing, and handsome,
His name was Mr. M and he was good to me,
He gave me water to quench my thirst;
That’s when my journey began!

Some metres after, I met another man,
His name was Mr. E, and Lord this man I couldn’t understand,
He was too cunning, elusive, and secretive,
There was something he was doing, something he didn’t want me to know.
I thought he looked familiar, when his judging eyes almost broke my spirit,
Another person would have given up, let him go on his own
But out of neighbourly respect and culture, we continued walking together.

A distance later, I got confused for I met yet another man,
This one was uncaring, brutal, and disrespectful
They called him Mr. W and he had a permanent scowl on his face,
Despite that I feared him, and was appalled by him, I was still hopeful,
So I asked him for directions... he said he knew my destination
Yet he broke my legs, tore off my clothes, he got my food
And then he pushed me off the road!

It took me a number of shops to finally find my path again,
And when I was close to my destination, I met the fourth and perhaps final man,
He was older, reserved, and repentant
He called himself Mr. 3; I should have met him sooner
Because no man has ever spoken so well than he,
He washed my swollen feet, warmed my cold body,
Then he brought me a plate to quieten my rumbling stomach,
My journey was complete!

However, when I reached home, something kept tugging at my sleeve
So I walked outside, kicked some stones, and gazed at the stars,
That’s when the pieces to the puzzle fell into place
I figured it all out, it was clear,
The four men I’d met during my journey are but one man.

(My Intellect is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

One thought on “Perspectives

  1. This poem is from my “Love, Birds, & Butterflies” poetry collections. It is about seeing things or someone from different sides. The idea came when I was looking at the letter M. From one side, that’s exactly what it is, but from the back side, it becomes a W. Similarly, from the left side, it becomes the number 3, and in reverse it becomes the letter E. So depending on which side you’re looking at something (someone) you are always correct, but the thing is you have to consider the other perspective. You can never think you know someone until you can look at them from all sides. In the poem when the woman first meets a man he seems good and charming (Mr M), then he changes and becomes too secretive and distant (Mr E), she can’t understand how he has changed and thinks of leaving him. She gives him a chance but then he becomes mean and disrespectful to her, (Mr W) and ends up breaking her heart. Then he changes again (Mr 3), only this time he has matured and seeks to mend his relationship with her. He redoes all his past mistakes and makes her happy again. As the poem concludes the woman looks back at her life and notices that her man has shown her different sides to him. She thus apprehends and appreciates that all the sides he has shown her make up him.

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