Sitting home missing my friend, Mwelwa and thinking of days gone by. The days when I’d pile all my problems on her, and she would take in all my troubles, put them into perspective for me. I remember when I’d literally cry out to her with all my relationship problems and she’d be there either soothing me or gently laughing at me. She always acted like I was the funniest person she’d ever known, like my life was right off a movie. I felt comfortable talking to her about anything. Looking back now it appears so long ago but also feels just like yesterday if you get my meaning. Without any valid reason, I find that I no longer do that, and me and her don’t necessarily talk or see each other as much as we used to, as much as we’d want to. Call it life or nature just playing its part, which is not to say that I don’t miss the days because I do, a lot actually.  I would give wonders just to be able to call on her anytime and share my experiences, thoughts, and ideas (on some level I like to think she would too). Anyway that being said, in my “re-pasting” of the most perfect moments I shared with my most perfect friend I found myself mentally replaying a conversation I once had with her about four or five years ago. In my usual misaimed love rhetoric I told her about this girl I’d started seeing then and how she was the one. Mwelwa scoffed at that and said “the one again!” In her own humorous way she asked me and I quote ”which the one is this? The one number five”. It came out funny at the time and we laughed at it constantly, might as well call it our little joke. Nevertheless this same innocuous joke has been making rounds in my mind, you know. And after having got into relationships so many times gladly proclaiming that every female I meet is the one I finally figured out that there may be no such thing as the one, but still there are people who just feel right at the time. So I’ve decided to rekindle the joke and adopt Mwelwa’s concept. That is, believe in the one only with a minor modification. From now onwards all my important conquests (past, present, and future) will be called the one with a number at the end. This number is a rating by the way. You might not like it, but hey it beats having to recant my statements whenever I fall out of the love cocoon. That being said, I can go back to my reason for writing this note. See, I was with the one number 6 (she’s the new one) and gradually I’m falling for this girl and I really hope things can work between us. You know, I want to maintain a relationship at least even for a year and maybe the one number 6 is just what I need. She may be what I require to redeem myself, to reaffirm my control on relationships. After the one number 5’s inconsistent behaviour, the one number 4’s perturbed love affair, the one number 3’s marriage to somebody else, the one number 2’s mis-felt interests, and the final heart-to-heart with THE ONE (who’s being on my radar for years now), I finally think a new and unflustered person is what I need to start anew. I just can’t continue falling back on that pattern of being in relationships out of pity or boredom. With the one number 6, I won’t pretend or be too cautious. I want to go in with the most percentage I can put in, in fact even more than I can. If it works, well and good. If it fails, then f**k it.


(My Intellect Is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

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