I Have Always Been Right..

People are just people; life is all we’ve got
Am I always right? Of course not!
Sometimes even the best make mistakes,
Sometimes even the strongest ice breaks,
Sometimes right people do something wrong
But I have been right, right all along..
I told you he didn’t love us,
After twenty years he met a young woman on a bus,
Three weeks later he left my mother full of tears,
She still thinks he’ll come back, and it’s been six years,
Yes, am right, in case you didn’t know,
I tried to tell you a long time ago
He deliberately flunked me in high school,
I wanted Lucy, but my teacher wanted her too
They finally caught him; he flunked her for dating me
Infatuation can sometimes appear to be love, so stop hating me,
I told her “princess, that fool can’t be your prince”
It has been three years and my sister has never seen him since
Why? She told him she was pregnant and he fled
My mother would always wonder why I couldn’t be like my brother Fred
Then one day the police came to our house,
They took him, wrists in cuffs, in front of a huge crowd
He’d raped his girlfriend the previous night!
I have always been right,
I told you she didn’t love me at all,
I lost my job and she walked out that door,
People are just people and sometimes they do so much wrong,
I must’ve been right all along…
(My Intellect Is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

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