The Hidden Opposite

Time unlike graceful walking feet moves backward,
Alcohol brushes away any sore thoughts,
Sex is horrible, suddenly
Love no one apparently,
In love with the pleasures of this earth,
Crave a cigarette for every breath exhaled,
Things seen and felt will me not to want to see tomorrow;

Burn education! I know everything;
I know the devil exists but God does not,
That I’ll never be happy ‘cause pain is all I’ve got,
It’s the pillow that is held close to my chest for comfort,
Heroes get more credit than they deserve,
Mandela isn’t a hero, Mwanawasa was dumb,
And Martin Luther King was a mere coward
I’m not too sure cheating is a sin, but I lie anyway,
Lie to the priests that am born again,
Lie to my family that I’m straight, yet am gay
Lie to my partner about others I lay.

Judge me not for the things I believe, feel, and see
Like I feel respect is due to the rapist and not the victim,
Or that my deceased cousin deserved to die
’Cause I hated his eight year old guts:
And I hate my father for leaving me,
Hate mother for letting him go willingly,
She was supposed to hold on,
Hate her even more for having made him think her love was so strong

In fact, the opposite sex is the most cunning foe,
’Cause when you sit and ponder a little more
You'll realise that women are fools hiding behind their bras,
Men are the sexiest creatures to have lived on earth,
Homosexuality is the reason I pick up them up in bars,
They say ‘my way of life is a pathway towards the gates of death’

Yes, I know,
But pay particular attention to these words,
Because for everything I’ve just said,
I mean exactly the opposite.

(My Intellect is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

One thought on “The Hidden Opposite

  1. This is from my “A Burning Family” Collection. The inspiration comes from British Author Stephen Fry’s book ‘The Liar’. At the beginning of the book, in a somewhat unnoticed manner he writes “not a word of this book is true”. The book is written with many questions, ideologies, theories, and twists. For my part, I never noticed the pre-warning that the book was a lie and I only saw it after, then I felt relieved and foolish. So I thought what if I could write something insulting, revoking, and repulsive? The most provocative words which I could somehow get away with like Mr. Fry did with just a single line like “not what I mean”. Eventually, this line became (“for everything I’ve just said, I mean exactly the opposite”). Perhaps it’s my most provocative poem yet.

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