The Lady In Yellow

I’d like to begin by first saying that I'm not a whore,
And me charging you for a service isn’t prostitution at all,
I like to think of it as business,
And wanting me is your weakness,
But in my line of work it’s not a joke
If you don’t pay me I may go broke,
I’m that lady wearing yellow when you go everywhere,
Of course there are other ladies out there,
Like the Lady in Red, the Lady in Green,
I don’t have to tell you, you know who I mean,
We all got our licenses in the mid 90’s, mine in 1995 to be exact,
I was fond of Blue and White, remember that?
I used to be expensive, taking everything and giving you literally nothing,
Remember when you’d pay over 40 thousand kwacha just to get my loving,
Affection which never even lasted a week,
If you were dealing with me they called you rich,
I was so established in this game,
Most notably in the Copperbelt, and going by a different name,
Then I decided to change my life after ten years,
Decided to compete again, to fight my peers
Because my friend the Lady in Red was ripping us apart, so very deep,
Everybody was with her and she wasn’t even good, hell she wasn’t even cheap,
Anyway, I changed my name, changed my colours, and changed my approach,
And just like that I was back in the game, all was not lost,
Over the next six years I did some pretty impressive stuff,
With all the money I made I sponsored a global event that united us,
Sometimes I stopped charging people, you have to believe me
They could do to me all they wanted, for free..!
Slowly everyone started talking, everybody was following the beat
I was all over the news, the internet, on the street,
They finally understood, the Lady in Red was a cheater,
They finally knew I was better, I was cheaper,
Just last week I won three awards for my work, yes! It’s okay to say “Wow…”
With about 2.1 million people trying to bed me I guess I’ve hit the beeg time now!
(My Intellect is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

7 thoughts on “The Lady In Yellow

  1. Thanks Steve..This is from my “Poetry of A Third World Country” poem serves as part two for an earlier poem “The Lady In Blue” a metaphor for a certain political party that recently lost an election. Similarly, the Lady in Yellow is a metaphor for that telecommunication company..I suppose you know what I mean..

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