Time moves slow for any child that sits waiting to grow up, but it moves faster if you go out there and search for answers to the things that adults fail to tell you. If you wait for adulthood to come to you, you’ll remain childish as the rest of your friends will experience far better maturity than you. Advice and observation are good teachers, but experience is the best; you can’t tell me alcohol is bad if you have never been drunk. You can’t tell me sex is bad when you’ve never done it. Don’t tell me cigarettes or marijuana is bad when you have never been high. I go by what I have seen and felt for myself than what I was told. Because I believe it’s much better to talk from personal experience than it is to talk from hearsay or what you read about from others. Be your own teacher, smoke, drink, have sex and then tell people the pros and cons of everything you do. I feel the things I passed through have made me mature to a certain degree; though I no longer do most of the things I used to do. Why? Because I have been there, done that. Most people wouldn’t last a day in my shoes (Gandhi included). Because I have seen, heard and felt whatever horror, pain or emotion God made to exist in this world. I have abstained, sad and sober. But I have also had sex, happy and drunk. I’ve laughed till my lungs begin to sore and cried more than tears can flow out of me. Still, here I am wise and virus free. It’s been a long time coming, but somehow I did manage to get here in one piece. To find a little place of my own that deserves to be called home. I have a loving and understanding family, friends I trust and a Girlfriend who loves me a little more than I deserve to be loved (and I don’t mean that literally). It was a long and heart wrecking journey; on one hand, sincere apologies to the ones I’ve hurt on the way. On the other hand, shame on those who’ve hurt me, (I find no reason to mention your names individually, you know who you are). You know yourselves, worthless than the whorish vaginas infested with the killer virus (no pun intended) But despite the growth, I have to confess, I’ don’t believe I’m a good person. I never have and I think I never will believe anything different. There’s a self-ethnocentric perspective about everything that guides me. My life is sort of subjective to a point where anything that doesn’t involve me is so meaningless; hence, I pay no particular attention to it. Personally, I say I’m a horrible person because the definitive ingredient of a good person, which is consideration, apparently, I don’t have. Consideration of how the other person feels, talks, or sees things. A good person will always be considerate of the other person’s emotions, feelings and thoughts. But, I’m self considerate; there’s no consideration for other people. I don’t care how you feel, as long as I’m happy; don’t care what you say as long as my point gets to be put across. That’s me; eat, drink, and spit the way I like. Frankly, it would be wrong for a person to come and tell me how to live my life. Because first of all, it won’t mean anything; I’m stubborn, adamant, or whatever term you can think of to explain my sort of inertial perspective on life. Then second, you’re not my God; you can be my parent, my brother, my teacher, my friend, my girl, but to me you’re still nothing. So shut up! You can judge me all you want, but, I am nothing but a man, merely flesh gathered from the soil like Adam or anything religious fables might present. Before, I was pure but somehow something ceased upon my wandering soul. So now I have so much anger and contempt at the world that sometimes I see myself attaching a bomb to my body and blowing this place up. But thank God I don’t know how to make bombs. And thank God too, that I love myself too much to ever waste myself for the sake of destroying the rest. Then, there’s also this thing about never having enough. Have you ever wondered how if you been searching for a million, once you have it, it doesn’t satisfy you coz you’re still out looking for another million. I mean, people will never have enough, that’s just nature. Bill Gates might have $40 something Billion and you might think that’s enough. But I can you tell this, no matter what you, he or people might say, I know Bill is still thinking of reaching $50 Billion. And even then, he’ll what to have $60billion and on and on, it never stops. That’s just the way things go, you’ll never be content with what you have. If anybody comes to you and says that they are content with things in their life, I can guarantee you, they are lying. You need to cut them out of your life, because liars are damn hypocritical sinners that need to be cast in the fire pits of hell. Basically, what I’m trying to say is don’t be shy about wanting more than you have. It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate or that you’re selfish. It simply means you’re ambitious my friend. I mean, is it wrong to wish for just a little more than you have; to wish for a wife instead of a girlfriend, a Quran instead of a bible or to bare a boy instead of a girl. Is it wrong to want a plasma screen instead of a 23inch, to want a Benz instead of Corolla, to want a mobile phone with internet facilities instead of one that doesn’t have? Is it wrong to want a partner that goes down on you, a partner who satisfies you, not one who only wants to be in and out of you within minutes? No of course not, if you see something is lacking in your life and you feel dissatisfied, then by any means, go out and get it. Forget what people will say, think or do because by the end of the day, if it pleases you, screw anybody else that doesn’t agree!

(My Intellect Is Loud And Noisy) 

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