If there’s ever anything that’s unfair, is having to open up your heart to someone and they disappoint you without a care in the world about how you feel. I never told her how I felt and then I ended up one miserable person in this world. Every day I always wonder, what if? And I imagine I would have been happy, but damn boy was I wrong. Turns out even if I had she still would have left me. I think to some extent just keeping your mouth shut is way better than opening it. Forget this bullsh*t of saying if you speak to a woman straight from the heart, she’ll definitely stick with you. That’s just some Hollywood crap invented by some corny writers (and directors too). In the same movies, that guy always gets the girl in the end (he always does) but check, in reality, it’s a different ball game; you’re lucky if you get the girl, but so often you lose her to somebody else. Besides, romantic speeches with melodies in the background are not part of the real world. You never see a guy on the apartment building singing out of tune, you never see him running after some girl at the airport or see people clapping and crying after some touchy speech. When she’s gone, she’s gone. So keep your feelings to yourself, coz what benefit or should I say guarantee do you have that that person will reciprocate your love? What good does it do you to have someone hear your thoughts and feelings only to joke about it later with their friends? It’s horribly unfair. Literally, it makes you wonder how it would have been if Adam hadn’t loved Eve. Then sin wouldn’t have been created huh?

(My Intellect Is Loud And Noisy)

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