A blind man’s refuge,
A child’s fear,
A thief’s partner,
I do my best thinking when darkness covers light,
Like a city thief do my best hiding at night,
Like a child use my fist only when I fight,
An ally of Romance,
An enemy of day,
An enemy of light
Could it be a blind man’s refuge, or is it his curse,
Switch off the light and the child’s fear is worse,
Switch it back on and through your window a thief is caught
Yet still turn it off,
Let me be a blinded child
I do my best thinking when stars shine at night!

(My Intellect Is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)


0 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. probably one your best peices interms of highlighting one of the most thought provoking things of our nature.. the darkness is something that you theorise in order to find some hidden truth in the whole spiral of this universe. i love this man!

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