Was I Ever Meant To Be Here?

Was I ever meant to be here?
I ponder as I see you drop a tear,
My father ‘died’ that day watching my mother die,
Died because I was born that’s why,
One day he couldn’t fake it anymore and bravely told me it was my fault,
I was thirteen then so I really cared about what he thought..
Was I ever meant to be there?
So much of it I couldn’t bear,
For years my uncle molested my brother,
He tried to do me and I put him under,
Stabbed him sixteen times with a kitchen knife
‘I should be put away’ or so thinks his wife..
Was I ever meant to be here?
You tend to wonder as your end gets near
She’s right you know, jail is where I am supposed to be
Because I will kill any man trying to put his filthy hands on me..
Well, except my husband maybe,
He’s the only one, who believed I’m not crazy..
Was I ever meant to be here?
Of course I was my dear,
It’s tragic he believed wrong,
Because I have been insane all along
I caught him trying to be clever and sleep around
But I’m cleverer, now his body will never be found!
(My Intellect Is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

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