The Lady In Blue

Wednesday, 5 th January, 2011
The Lady in Blue,
I met her 20 years ago,
i was in a bad marriage and she was single,
she was young, fresh, and full of ideas,
she was something I needed, something my wife wasn’t,
And after 27 years of marriage, I left my wife and married her..
The Lady in Blue,
She turned my public life private, I was thrilled,
Secretly she controlled my life, all my financial affairs,
She won me favours from abroad, and I made more money
My image improved, my intellect induced
We were somehow happy together,
Until she lost her head 10 years later…
The Lady in Blue,
She became sterner but less secretive,
I discovered she’d messed with my money
Plus her new stance was unlike her previous one,
She was suddenly against anything she had done before,
I thought she would change back but she didn’t
and with so much going on inside her, I slowly fell out of love with her
The Lady in Blue,
Her eyes, ears, and heart don’t match her head now,
It feels like some kind of déjà vu, she resembles my ex wife,
I want a divorce but i cannot break free, meanwhile
there are some ladies that want me, what? You don’t believe? I’m not yet old and senile
There is the Lady in The River; she is loved by almost the whole town, only the village hates her
and there is the Lady of the Hand; gosh she is a rich and tribal beauty!
The Lady in Blue,
I have to admit I don’t love her anymore, yet I’m unsure if I want the other two ladies
Individually they tried to win my heart but my wife beat them
She used her love portions to make me stay..
But now they have teamed up and want me to take them both,
I think they just might win this time
I mean, what sane man refuses a threesome?
(My Intellect is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

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