Growing Up Was Fun

Growing up was fun,
Felt more invincible than Rambo when I held that pendelo gun,
No worries or concerns of this world,
If she was pretty and smiled at me, then she was my girl
Then was our time, then we lived
Which way did that life go, have our dreams been achieved?
No one plays Chidunu any more!
I used to love playing some sojo,
Woke up early, left the warm Guza for Chimbilibili,
Played Whyda with the girls without feeling silly,
I used to play Vobuta with bene Mimi and Niza
I used to eat vitumbuwa and toba mutwe like pizza,
Made wire cars that even Toyota couldn’t fix
Watched Van Damme and Chuck Norris movies from six to six,
Played in the dirt then avoided bathing,
Swam in the rain water when mother wasn’t watching,
Pomo dimba was only fun when it wasn’t me they were beating,
Enjoyed Waliandimu but when it was my turn I was always quitting
Loved eating lunch kwa ba neighbour even though they forbade me at home
Didn’t bother were supper was to come from,
Daddy was there, he was always able
And no matter what my mother always put food on the table,
So happy when sick because my father
Would go to the market and buy me a Fanta
That’s the only moment I got to drink it, apart from Christmas and New Year,
I miss many things today,
Times when I’d drink Ziggy with chi “Bunz” at dinner,
Long before we started calling it chi John Cena
When father would promise me a bicycle if I came out first in class,
Then never talk about it when I passed
When I thought he was paid only once and on Christmas because we ate chicken
And funny how that was back then
When I always told girls I loved them like cups of tea
Indeed, growing up was fun, what ever happened to me?


(My Intellect is Loud And Noisy – MILAN)

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