Night –


After so much waiting, so much mystery, and so much delay, the day finally came and all that could be expected was to play itself out. He was finally going to meet her, finally going to charm her no doubt. She so engrossed his mind that he was willing to dump the old script and write her new lines. She was that important to him, more important than queens and goddesses of the times. For her everything would still and time stop. He was going to change the whole movie just for her; so long she was in it he was willing to bet that his whole career would go straight to the top. So the moment called for tactic, for panache, it was time to bring out the guns. The impression ought to be good, dialogues laced with neat jokes and puns. The woman wasn’t ordinary hence she deserved extraordinary attention, above normal interaction; that is, professionalism with a subtle measure of affection. If this were to be messed the whole production would be shut down; losses would be made and he would become the joke of the town. All the effort would all be for nothing, much more than pride or money would have been lost.  Not getting it right will put a whole lot of dog poo on a near perfect reputation that he has built for himself with every opportunity, at every cost. The reputation that Katayi has allowed him to build, to be worthy of being honourable. What must he do? Make her laugh or make her vulnerable.  With such a woman the former tactic would be well suited.  Women like her don’t like to be weak; he had read the script and seen the footage. They try their best to stay strong and anything that threatens them isn’t something they’d be willing to confront but to stay away from instead.  So perhaps the humour and charm will have to play an overwhelming role to help him win her over to his stead. He will have to listen to her and brandish that good old smile of his to make sure he had her right where he wanted her to be.  Once that was achieved and she penned her signature on the contract she would never ever be free.  He was meeting her tomorrow, tonight he would go through it all word for word, joke for joke, gesture for gesture, top to bottom, Zero to One. This would be hardest editing work he has ever done.


Day –


He had been naive, unaware of the consequences. If he’d known he probably would have prepared himself better. But he hadn’t. So he didn’t. He exposed his commonplace competences. He met her and the barriers he’d so perfectly placed around his frozen heart were broken; the barricades torn apart by her beauty, his frozen heart warmed by her wit and sense of composure; beautiful and soft spoken. Just a minute into the meeting and he had sold her less than she deserved. That very moment of meeting her he knew she was by far the most beautiful woman he’d ever talked to. Beauty so pure, enchanting and well reserved. She challenged him and underneath his trousers the excitement was unsettlingly wild. She was challenging him and threatening his beliefs and his body’s response to that was to get turned on. He watched her talk, watched her smile, he watched her blink – she blinked a lot, Watched her lips as she sipped coffee and he decided he was going to do whatever it took to make her is. It wasn’t about the movie anymore, that would be forgot, It was now about him, his pride, his courage, in his mind he could already see the looks on the faces of his mother, of his kinfolk, his brothers and sisters. Already he was planning on asking for her hand in marriage. Of course that would be stupid, let alone disastrous. Who proposes on the first date? Idiots perhaps.. He had to wait, bide his time, then at the right moment be somewhat coy and industrious This was war and to make her totally his he had to make a perfect strike, All he had to do was make her fall, he knew it would take time, much more time than he had. He had to move to love from dislike. But that wasn’t a problem; that was just fine, perfect even. He was willing to let her come to him, one day at a time, one phone call, one meeting, and one physical, mental, spiritual contact at a time. He might have fallen for her from the word go! But he would be damned if he didn’t make her want him too before you could even put a bottom dot on the exclamation mark after the word go.


#KM #CovertTown


(My Intellect’s Loud And Noisy-MILAN)


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