The Virus Just Hasn’t Killed Me Yet!

My heart..
Females cannot penetrate through,
The stakes are hard,
So very strong,
because many a time I’ve been torn apart,
stodgy, I find myself home,
stoned, only my soul to trust me,
Unpleasant are my surroundings,
Scars persist to hurt as burdens crush me,
A pile of hope drips out of my veins,
A sad tremor engulfs my speech,
All I hear is deafly taken,
Everything I see is definitely blurring,
Plus..,support has been where my arm cannot reach:
Never in school, gatherings, clubs or parties,
Seldom in church, the faith is shaky,
Not long will I have it,
Vigilant, insecure daily,
They might break me down -Discriminators that is..
They’ve murdered my character,
To them am already dead,
The virus just hasn’t killed me yet!

(My Intellect’s Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

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