It’s quite amazing how feelings have been cornered by words in a sad song. Thoughts continue to refuse to dwell upon a mind that eagerly calls upon them for inspiration. Trying to write down something deep but the mood feels wrong. No impact, no affection. The music in the background is loud and un-relatable; posing little to no provocation. The hot sun, causing physical discomfort, stirs the mind towards paths I feel unworthy to walk through. Along with the fact that I have to go back to him tomorrow means I have little evocation (I don’t know if that’s even a word to you if I can honestly be true). Like a pissed off writer who never found a publisher I await my thoughts to charge me up as I write. I am writing a novel at present; all my creative energies are centred on that now. Thank goodness writers block is so far away from me during the night. There can be no allowing of a single excuse now. All it needs is a daily dedication to write the draft, no editing required at this point. The idea is just to write down the thing as it comes every moment, every time. To make sure all that is written is as raw as unprotected sex with a circumcised man. I hope that reference gets you going because such is what allows you to envision the depths of the ideas that encircle my mind. It would be folly to attempt to prejudge the plan. Perhaps why I rush to add that my writing has taken an unexpected turn because of a glitch I feel will take some time to resolve. I was robbed last night and then my computer is down, which means I am back to the traditional long hand way of writing.  No typing, just writing, no keyboards just pens and pencils involved. It’s a challenge I have to admit, but I haven’t stopped fighting. It’s a minor hurdle, something I have quickly adjusted to and so now I am using my old diary for sketching and drawing. This beats the thing of piling paper. The idea is the same only that now if my fingers are tired then I can’t go on, regardless of how well the thoughts are flowing. I have now in my capacity a chance to pen the best piece ever. Trust me, the best Vera town has ever read. I seek to make all the non believers and haters to feel awful. I won’t fail to do that, it is an insane level of psyche in my head. Which wills me to say that great is the only outcome to expect from my new novel.





(My Intellect’s Loud And Noisy-MILAN)


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