One may not discern for what purpose they are alive for, such is the being known as my wife. On the other end, I have come to know that profoundness is the quality I strive for, the essence I aspire for almost all aspects of this life. Be it personally, physically, mentally, spiritually, as well as strongly and proudly. Is it achieved? That ought to be a modern miracle. So the answer is, mildly. The answer rises, flies and reaches the pinnacle, settles neatly and sweetly like the birds. After realising what is able to be ascertained upon every moment when beautiful words evoke the mind so much that it wishes to make other beautiful words; serene, beautiful, and no torment. Call it the inspiration to inspire, much like watching a mother in order to be pregnant. Is that the same? Not really, but nice for one to inquire because the idea comes close. The idea noticeable like a pigment, allowing one to paint and grasp images in the mind, providing a certain level of spark to ignite otherwise idle and dying mental abilities. So the pattern remains alive yet blind, utilising the same facilities, falling back to the same thing. The principle doesn’t change. So the cycle makes a person to lament for the routine, the boring way into which everything falls into place; in perhaps the same way as everything else, and everything before. The death of creativity, the demise of culture, the fall of an empire, and a nation’s delicate rout rob the heart a chance to express what bears on the mind and simply sadden the soul. The world thus loses out. The world becomes another entity without colour, vigour or imagination. Everyone and everything goes about the same way, the same time and in the same place. Not a single glimpse of wonder or fascination. Therefore profoundness fails to exist in this space, beyond one’s mental faculties, above a person’s view. One then becomes just like the rest of the world, nothing really to set them apart? True, but perhaps not entirely true. Norm is contagious but curiosity is always smart. A person settles among the folk, eats among the eaters, drinks among the worldly drinkers, but that person is not like them. Of course it is the same food but what is different is more than the stomach, it is the fork. One hasn’t, isn’t, and won’t be like them. The prospect of being able to question the very important question of one’s purpose among the folk sets a man apart, because even though you are with them, you don’t feel, think, or believe like them, that life is about conformity. There is a yearning feeling within one’s heart, a rebel that always takes a critical look at authority. Now that dear brothers and sisters is profoundness. For if a man can look at his life and not see an end, not feel a limit, then that man is searching for something profound. That man will soon meet profoundness. Now that is the truth through this journey I have found. ### #CovertTown

(My Intellect’s Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

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