If I may be honest with myself 2016 is turning out to be a good year for me. It is only April but already I feel like this year just might be better and more meaningful than last year. Yes, the first quarter has gone by pretty quickly but I have also learned a lot during that time. I am more assured I will learn even more during this second quarter and the rest of the year.

Things are looking good for me personally, professionally, and socially.

First of all, I’m concluding my book; a collection of short stories and poetry. I have set my target to something about a month or so. Thus, like most things I do, this will not only be different but worthwhile too.

I have called it “Covert Town” and in the coming posts on this blog I will strive to convince you why you ought to read this book. Expect a new post every week. A fellow writer advised me this helps to get things done.

With Covert Town I introduce two main things. The first thing is a town called Vera Town. Then second I introduce you to people from Vera Town. These are people you’ll fall in love with, people you’ll admire, people you’ll hate, and people you’ll downright condemn. You’ll go into a journey from which you will not be the same and you’ll most likely not look at me the same way. This is Milan Sichinga as honest and as provocative as you can get him.

Second of all, 2016 promises to be a good year because I have re-established contact with my best friend. After a long time of a distant friendship caused mainly by our own different life paths, we have suddenly realised we need to be proactive in our friendship. I therefore foresee good times ahead for us. I am always excited when it comes to her, I really look forward to the wonderful things we will do together.

You see friendship is something I respect, sometimes I prefer friends to relatives. Because it is very easy to make the latter. But it is hard to make friends. It must be one of the biggest gambles in the world. Nevertheless, we strive and when we do get it right it’s important to be appreciative.

I have made new friends this year (something I don’t normally do). I have to admit they are fun and mean a lot to me. I have a special place for them in my heart. I know this is mutual because they have given me names like Princess, Celebrity, Trouble Maker, Ghost, Joldoshbek and Zhora.

I love my new names.

Now let me send a few discreet messages to my new friends. I know it may be a long list but to my pals I write you one paragraph each even though that isn’t even remotely exhaustive of all the things I would like to say to you.

  • You’re very good to me. Remember I always ask for a personal greeting not a generic one. Every morning and every day we smile and greet each other. So same goes here, good morning, how are you?
  • I miss you constantly smiling at me. You are strong, graceful, and inspirational just like Daw Suu. At first I’d think you were inarticulate and too shy until presentation day when your eloquence and confidence shown through. It made me really happy seeing you there talking and which is why it was quite necessary for me to get up at the end and tell the others not to make noise but pay extra attention during presentations.
  • I’m still amazed at how you effortlessly flash your smile and brighten up. I never once hear you raise your voice or get upset. I enjoy how you always participate in the jokes and laughs about your hair. I wish I could spend more time with you.
  • When I first entered the room on day one you were the first person to talk to me. I don’t even know if you remember but I was quiet and unnoticed until you said hi to me. You always make me laugh, your sense of humour and sense of style always impress. And yes I know I have promised and I will keep my promise to you. Just be a little patient ok?
  • I remember you approached me once and wondered how a good person and level headed person like me could choose to be atheist. You were really puzzled, and this is one of the things I admire about you. The puzzle and wonder with which you approach a lot of things. You always want to know and understand. I’ve learnt this from you and will never forget it.
  • On the same note of being atheist, once on our way to a restaurant you told me something that no one has ever told me. You said you always felt people that don’t believe in God are dull haha but you further said I was an anomaly to your thinking. I took the positive from that statement and today I want to thank you for considering me an intelligent person because to me you’re one of the smartest people I know.. And of course you deserve more and better.
  • I have to be honest with you, I have had many roommates before, and gone on many tours too but none of them were as memorable as you. You always find happiness and pleasure in everything. I like this about you. And you’re the first one among my new friends to send me an invitation on Linkedin. That means a lot. It means this friendship is greater than just words.
  • With you all I have to do is say your name and you say mine in return. I love that. Others never understand. You start to laugh I begin to laugh too because your laugh is really different and beautiful. I told the group before that you are everything to me. I meant that. That is why even in the famous group photo only you and I are having fun while the rest are serious. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you.
  • I’ve learnt a lot from you my beautiful friend, I have a confession to make. I always find your voice and accent sexy. I never told you this. I remember once you approached me and asked me to assist you with something and then we joked that it was not only unnecessary because you were already good but that also, there wasn’t enough time left for me to teach you anything. You’re so far the only person to approach me and say “Thank you very much for the wonderful things you said about me in your poem, I appreciate it.” That means a lot. So I also thank you and appreciate you for approaching me for help.
  • You my friend I like your energy, we always have fun analysing the publishing industry and how people don’t understand the difference between publishing books and publishing articles. I recall a conversation with you about Zambia’s relationship with Zimbabwe and how the two countries relate well when it comes to water and power generation. You told me how sad it is that your country doesn’t have the same relation with its neighbour. I love all the intellectual stuff we talk about. I know sometimes you could think I’m not listening, but trust me I listen all the time.
  • With you a paragraph isn’t enough because most of my time I am with you. From the onset you saw something in me that others didn’t and we hit it off from there. You’re the one person I fully opened up to. With the rest I’m usually clowning around and masking my feelings and emotions but with you it is sincere. I have shared my stories with you. I have told you about my life. You were the first person to read the butterfly collector and your response to it amazed me. I think you are also one of the few from the group to read that book for short stories. I love it that you read a lot. That’s a plus point to me.
  • I enjoy our WhatsApp messages when we both have problems of waking up. We often spend most of the early morning being indecisive about getting out of bed. We say if I don’t go please inform the group then later change to say “hey it’s ok I’m able to get out of bed now”. We eventually decide. I still remember what you did for me that day for dinner with you know who. I think about you every day.
  • You’re an inspiration to me because of how calm and focussed you are. I remain your princess always. You’re one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. You’re very funny and not a day goes by when I don’t I think about you. Which is why I am constantly chatting with you on either WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • You once refused to do an activity with me and I thought perhaps you hated me but I was wrong. You are really fun and thoughtful. You once confided in me how you couldn’t understand how the girls in our group were so fond of the guys from the other group. I thought that a funny thing for you to say. But the one thing you’ve truly taught me is how to say no to authority, if you don’t feel like doing something, you simply don’t do it, and I love that.
  • Not much to say to you except that you were right. I am a smart guy; almost as smart as you.

  • I know you’d like me to say this without emotion but I say it with full emotion you’re the most insane person I know hahaha sorry I mean the funniest. I remember us asking you why you are constantly doing crazy antics and what you will be telling your son. You explained that it was simple, if people ask who is the smartest you can always debate and argue but if you ask who is the craziest everyone remembers you hahaha. A philosophy I will live to remember and perhaps practice.
  • One of the things that make me appreciate you is that you learned and remembered my name before anyone else’s. I’m always laughing with you because not only are you crazy but funny as hell too. You’ve told me never to believe you, never to believe what you say or do but to believe it from my heart. And you’re right. In my heart you’re someone I would want to hang out with all the time.
  • I like your eyes and smile, you’re always smiling. Sometimes you and I just communicate with our eyes. I remember going to the market with you and the fun we had teasing a certain huge guy whom we planned to hide in the bush as we lobbied for transport fare. I love how you say my name with so much stress. Thank you for being a friend I can rely on.
  • Most of my time has been spent with you, so many tales, phrases, and codes I share with you. You’re an architectural genius whom I always go to for advice. The wisest person I know. And I hope one day you get to hear me scream MAYO!!!
  • The last time we saw each other I told you of the three of you I’d miss you the most. I meant that. It is not that the other two are bad or anything it’s just that as someone stated you’re the consistent one of the trio. You’re also polite and warm hearted. I always feel calm with you, even if I’m loud and noisy around you I simply go calm.
  • Opong, that’s what you call me. I’m always amazed at how much you know about the Chipolopolo team of days gone by. The Malitoli’s and Kalusha’s. It’s therefore been a challenge for me because I don’t know much about your team.. Oh and you were right, Wanchompe is from Costa Rica not Ecuador. I love our own little inside jokes about Plan B’s and D’s and branded choices.
  • My football buddy, I like your dribbling skills. Of course the jealous bees that day interrupted us but I really enjoyed watching and playing with you. It was the first time I saw you outside your comfort zone and you were impressive. Now everything to do with football reminds me of you.
  • When I was with you I liked approaching and staring at you just to get a smile out of you. I honestly love your smile and calm demeanour. No matter what we are doing whenever I look or stare at you you’ll smile at me. I often rush to disturb you as you take your selfies but you’ve never once got upset. You always laugh the same way.
  • To be honest I never really understand you sometimes, you’re very lovely, warm and forgiving. You are quite different from your friend and that is what I like about you. The sun shines on your face, you’re radiant.
  • I like how you conceptualise everything. If you remember I once told you that you’d make a brilliant poet and I meant that. You are always inspiring to listen to and I learn from you every day. If I can confess, when I shared that poem about boxing with the group, I was a little disappointed because that time you weren’t there. In some small part it was your dedication. I always enjoy how passionate you are about your opinions. Even when I don’t agree with you I always respect and appreciate your opinion.
  • You have a melodious voice which is incomparable. I love listening to you speak and read. You’re the only one who greets me like the Kaonde’s of North Western province Zambia do. Even when we are apart we still greet each other, even on opposite sides of the road we greet each other, you and I. Thank you for the gift you gave me.
  • You always tell me “show me your real face” I like that. You advised me on how to pick out my suits that day in baba’s shop and you were right because when I finally got my suit it was all worth it. Then, wondering why you’d hate the air conditioner I finally sit where you like to sit and realise that the air conditioner hits you directly from there. So I tell you that that is a very bad place and you and I develop a secret joke about it. I offer you that seat and you’ll offer it to me too knowing full well what awaits either of us when we sit there.
  • You told me I share names with your fiancé and for that you’ll never ever forget me. That means a lot. I will never forget too.
  • Many memories with you my guy especially that you’re the only one who’s offered me beer on more than one occasion. I remember having a conversation with you about how we are not kids and we shouldn’t be treated as one. When we can’t have company in our rooms you always cry foul. I feel the same way but sometimes I feel like it bugs you more than it does me. I appreciate that you let me be your spokesperson whenever you need help with solving an issue with your brother.
  • One of the things I remember from our last conversation is you telling me you were impressed that I was good at keeping secrets. You always want me to take the coffee cup back to the table in the corner. No matter where I am you simply call my name and hand me your cup. No one else does that, and I realise you make having coffee with you so much fun.
  • I hope one day you’ll believe me that that guy you speak of who is very different from the rest, that guy who never cheats, or lies and that guy who only wants one woman in his life is me. I know you are still looking and I hope one day you’ll meet that guy who will make you believe in men again. I enjoyed every moment spent with you every crazy thing we did together, all the people we made jealous. I could sit across the room and look at you and marvel. Sometimes you’d catch me looking and wouldn’t understand why I was looking at you smiling. But it’s because you’re a very beautiful and extraordinary person and I am lucky to have known and been close to you.
  • I like your character, you’re very unique. You always make me feel special and more deserving than I am. You often come to me to ask for my opinion. It appears to me that I am the only person amongst the group whose advice you take or respect. When you and I put our heads together we come up with good things and do wonders. Let’s continue this way, I’m still waiting for the video you promised to send me though.
  • I’ve told you this before, from day one you were the first person to do a kind gesture for me. I will never forget it. I miss you teasing me. And despite what I say about you, or even the fact that you are a narcissistic douche, I still have a lot of respect and admiration for you. I’m glad to be your friend, I’m pleased to be your enemy. But most of all, I am honoured to be someone that benefitted sleeping clothes (Pyjamas) from you. Thank you.

I consider this one an extended version of that poem Every One. I know some aspects of this are clear, some aren’t. But that’s ok. Every one of you my friends knows in which paragraph I am talking to you. So as I close this post, I would love to say, all of you are my HIGH LEVEL FRIENDS and always will be.


(My Intellect’s Loud And Noisy-MILAN)



6 thoughts on “MY HIGH LEVEL FRIENDS

  1. Wooow, Milan.
    Every time, when I read your stories, I find out more and more about you.
    At the moment, I am at the concert ,while I was reading the story,my favourite singer was performing and simply I couldn’t stop reading, because it was so interesting to recognise every friends of us.
    These 10 min will be one of the most memorable times in my life, as this story was accompanied with the best melody, and the story is BRILLIANT. 🙂
    THANKS. 🙂

  2. Thanks son. It’s high level and thank you for making me a high level friend. And I’m the first on the list, I guess.

    Great work and blessings upon blessings.


  3. Hello brother,
    There such kind of words when you read them you become somehow dumb. Your words are so deep, intense and heartfelt. I am flabbergasted by your memory, because you remember a lot of details on everyone among us. For me this means that we, I, meant a lot for you. It is an honor. And the way you portray us, with such a perfect art recalls me watching the landscape from Jaipur fort. Looking forward to the release of your work for which you gave a foretaste. The video is for next week.


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