I love being with her, she makes me happy. When we are together in that room it is magical, talking about us and how we want to be together. We joke, we laugh, we tease, and the moment is permanently imprinted onto our minds it becomes hard to let go. In that room we are complete, we are us. In that room we are matched to perfection. Our conversation is immensely challenging that we get so engrossed in it, we don’t even get to notice how rapidly time and life goes by. In that room we are two individuals who complement each other beautifully and form a union that would require antimatter to unbind.  In that room we are invincible, open, honest, and daringly receptive. We cuddle, kiss, hold hands, and touch. The world and its chaos are shut out and all that matters is us. We love each other, we ‘flutter’ each other, promise each other, we trust one another; we appreciate and respect each other. When we are in that room nothing else matters but us. We are two people who look at each other with a vision of the future, with the knowledge that work has to be done to secure the future. I love her and she does so me. We both want the same thing; we are both realistic and ambitious. We know where we want to go and how to get there. And we both know that there will only be nice if we are both there. Sitting in the room we both know that without the other, we are nothing. Together, we are everything. We spend days in that room, hours which seem like seconds in that room. The thought, feelings, senses, and smells all heightened because we are alert. We have embarked on a journey together. Problems are to be encountered on our way, but we are ready for them. We know what it takes, that’s why we are taking nothing away from reality. We don’t try to be naïve either, we are realistic. That room means the world to us, we promise to be in that room for the rest of our lives. Neither of us wants to leave that room, we want to stay put. Stay until roses turn blue and violets turn red; until Lucifer kneels before Christ we are going to remain in that room. The room where the souls of our hearts meet; My room, Her room, Our room.

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