Rediscovering the art

That made me win her heart,

Is not as easy as I thought,

Pen in hand but nothing he wrote.

Blank pages stare into his soul,

Emptiness neatly rising to the fore.

I fell in head first, deep

Couldn’t breathe, it was steep,

Water in the eyes, ears and nose,

That was the end I suppose.

The mistakes were my own

Just to ensure I won

I invented my own game,

It’s not her to blame.

Cotton rubbing me sick in my bed,

Still the Woman In My Head.

Thought provoking memories flash,

A stain no washing powder could wash.

How did the boat ever sail here?

For every single laugh there’s more than one tear.

Pride, selfishness, it is all about winning,

Respect, consideration, humility, concepts that have lost meaning

But I have stopped, I wish you could stop too,

Because our kind is between far and few.

(My Intellect’s Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

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