Find a cushion before you try to rest,
See the world before you lose your sight.
Sin before you can say you’re blessed.
Do one thing wrong before you do anything right.

Get slapped in the face before you try to change,
Be their slave before you’re your own king.
See one more work of beauty before you feel so strange,
Listen to at least a song before you sing.

Fill up a page before succumbing to writer’s block,
Use your pen before you lose the ink,
Live for a second before you beat the clock,
Have one more thought before you cease to think.

Make just one phone call before you can text,
Feel sick a little before you can feel fine,
Have at least one woman before you abstain from sex,
And please post your own poem before you criticize mine!

(My Intellect’s Loud and Noisy-MILAN)

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