Mr. Uses Vs Mr. Hopes

It’ll be a miracle to finish this poem without incurring any bruises,
This is a tale about the two Js, Mr. J-HOPES and Mr. J-USES
Find it within your heart to listen
To understand this poem about these men,
So much is said about Mr. USES’ race,
But universally we all accept that bearded face,
As a kid I was told to put all my trust in him,
But as I grew doubt overwhelmed me it would seem,
I found many loopholes in that book,
Comparing the old with the new is all it took
They say he was born of a miracle birth,
The same thing is said of Mr. HOPES’ coming to this earth,
Jealous was borne within I’m told,
And for pieces of silver both men were individually sold,
Judah suggests Mr. HOPES’ sell,
Believe it or not Judas does that to Mr. USES as well,
Have you noticed that is one name?
The traitors names are one and the same,
BLASPHEMY! They scream, TRUTH! I shout,
Before you block me, please at least hear me out,
It’s not that my mind is corrupt, evil,  or that it’s dirty,
But didn’t both men begin work at age 30?
And so my mind probes, deeper I delve,
Then settle on that number 12,
It represents one man’s disciples, another man’s brothers,
Coincidence? Hmmm…My mind wonders…!

(My Intellect’s Loud And Noisy-MILAN)

One thought on “Mr. Uses Vs Mr. Hopes

  1. This poem is from my “poetry of a third world country” collection. It is about the inconsistences in the bible, where Joseph (J-Hopes) is seemingly the prototype of Jesus (J-USES). It basically looks at the similarities. Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver, Joseph for 20 pieces of silver, Jesus was born of a miracle birth, so was Joseph, Jesus was sold by Judas, Joseph by Judah, Jesus had 12 disciples, Joseph had 12 brothers, Jesus started preaching at age 30, so did Joseph. Now the main question is why did the son of the Lord have to copy another man’s traits? which then makes you wonder. Did Jesus even exist. Lol this is one of those twisted poems I like to write just to piss people off. Tell me what you think.

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