What They Think of You

Life is a mythical hole that isn’t at all simple,
It’s a puzzle that reflects different meaning to animals and people,
To the animals it’s all about the hunt,
Be caught behind or find a way to stay in front,
With people the rules slightly differ,
The challenges and threats make the meaning deeper,
Of course we want to get ahead,
And poverty and failure we all dread,
But we have the liberty to give up and still be happy,
We can hang on to love even when it’s crappy,
We can sit and no fatal predator will make us its prey,
Of course I mean that in the literal way-
Because both animals and people may be eaten,
It’s just our fates in the universe that are differently written,
For instance man and woman,
Both evidently human,
But obviously nothing alike
I’m yet to find a similarity I like,
We may share a rib but we don’t much care for each other,
Just look at the number of movements fighting one another,
In the middle of that is gender,
Centred around luxury and paper,
It’s funny it grows silent when asked to toil,
One by one the leaders bury their heads in the soil.
Now the whole term is confused,
And the numbers keep growing of those who are abused.
We read of a woman and frown but laugh when it’s a man,
To get away with raping me lady I can see now that was your plan,
Ridiculous, like the 90 days of that politician
Before I believe such rhetoric I’d rather see a mortician,
Why are we so gullible to accept everything they tell us?
Why do we close our minds and let them enslave us?
With doctrine that is dented like a face with chicken pox
Open your minds and think outside that box,
Before making a decision, weigh the pros and cons,
Also be weary of what you say on Facebook and on those phones
I can assure you they are watching, they are listening,
They’ve wanted to control me since the day of my christening,
I think for myself so I rebuke their control,
Do you know that a fool is what they take you for?

(My Intellect’s Loud And Noisy-MILAN)


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