In trying to be deep I end up not making sense at all,
Trying to reach the sky instead I just fall
Just hit the fcuking wall,
crumble from reality and dwell in the fantasies
I end up talking about seas, moons, and galaxies
People read the poem and say it’s good. Is it?
Ask them which part was good they say all of it,
Tell you what; they are lying to their teeth, infact
It’s deep and they don’t understand squat,
They smile but their eyes say they don’t get any of my profound sentences,
In trying to be deep I put similes, metaphors, and references
Where they don’t even fit,
Like trying to see through a place that’s not even lit,
Instead of just saying unreal I use big words like phantasmagoric
In trying to be deep I start talking about politics and government,
Economics, science when in reality all I know is sports and entertainment,
They say fools are people who are different from the crowd
People who live in their own worlds,
Anything outside their realm is sane and true,
So in this case I guess I’m a fool
It’s not that simple is it?
It’s also said fools are people who sugar-coat their thoughts at an artist’s feet,
I’m not saying you're a fool dear,
But you get the idea!

(My Intellect Is Loud And Noisy-MILAN)


0 thoughts on “Innuendo

  1. This is from my “A burning Family” Collection written on second november last year. It was inspired by a Def Poet Mr Bosia’s poem “I’m So Deep”. It highlights the intricacies of writing something whose meaning is so well hidden in the words yet vaguely readable. And there lies the issue. Do you get the meaning in this poem?

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